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Pulse Fringe Festival: Exposure – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Writer and Performer: Jo Bannon

Reviewer: Glen Pearce


Despite being part of a collective audience, theatre often elicits an individual response, each viewer bringing their own emotional reaction to the piece. Jo Bannon’s show Exposure, however, is a very different beast – a solo show in more ways than one.

Performed to one person at a time, in a pitch black room, it’s a deeply personal and intimate exchange between performer and audience. The sensory deprivation caused by the darkness, coupled with a pre-recorded narrative delivered by headphones, makes for an immersive world.

Bannon controls light and darkness to direct focus as she explores our perception to image, assumptions and self-confidence. While outwardly Bannon is exploring how she is perceived, in such an intimate and focused session it becomes a two-way process, sometimes uncomfortable but also reflective.

To give too much away about the content would spoil the impact for future audiences, but suffice to say, Bannon’s writing and performance capture both the challenges she faces with Albinism, but also our wider fascination with image.

The step into the dark may cause trepidation but it’s a ten minute encounter well worth taking.

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