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LATITUDE LOWDOWN: Theatre Re – Blind Man’s Song

How would you describe your show in one sentence?

A heady concoction!

Is this your first visit to the Latitude Festival, if so what interesting tales have you been told about what to expect?

It is our first time as a company! We have heard stories about the beautiful Suffolk countryside, famous colourful sheep, dancing on a lake, fairies in the forest, a rave in the woods and no mud!

How has the show developed on the way to Latitude?

We first started to think about Blind Man’s Song in June 2013, so it has been a two-year process of making work, showing it, bringing it back into rehearsal and drastically cutting bits as well as reinventing others. We opened as part of the 2015 London International Mime Festival last January and then toured in the UK. We will have a week of final tweaking before arriving at Latitude in July.

How important is it for festivals such as Latitude to have arts programming alongside the music acts?

Well, it is crucial otherwise we would not be there!

On a different note it allows us to show our work to people who might not have come to see us in a different context. That is a great challenge and one of the appeals of a festival like Latitude both as a company presenting work and as people looking to see a wide range of fantastic acts.

How have you been preparing for festival life?

We need to start working on it.

What do you think sets your show apart from all the other Latitude offerings?

Our show is unique because it is theatre piece, but at the same time it is a concert, a performance, a dance and a mime show. We use everything from magic illusions to sound design to tell our story and blur the boundaries between art forms.

What’s the show that you don’t want to miss at this year’s Latitude (apart from your own!)?

We will all want to see everything and will probably see a lot but if we had to choose it would be Sabrina Mahfouz’s new play With a Little Bit of Luck by Paines Plough.

Wellies or fancy footwear for the festival?

Fancy footwear! Again, we have been told there was no mud…

Are you camping at Latitude and if so what’s your one top camping tip?

Don’t camp next to the toilets and put something recognisable on the top of your tent as a beacon to helpyou find your way home.

Latitude is famous for its multi-coloured sheep – if your show was an animal what type of animal would it be?

A dragonfly. Because it is colourful and it has got wings!

Theatre Re’sBlind Man’s Song performs at Latitude on Saturday July 18th.

For more information visit www.latitudefestival.com or www.retheatre.com

PhotoFrancois Verbeek

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