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Edinburgh Fringe: Some Small Love Story – C Nova

Composer: Gavin Whitworth

Writer: Alexander Wright

Director: Noreen Kershaw

Reviewer: Deborah Klayman

[rating: 4]

Beautifully written by Alexander Wright (The Flanagan Collective/Belt Up Theatre) and superbly scored by newcomer Gavin Whitworth,Some Small Love Story is an alternately joyful and heart-wrenching account of passionate love. Avoiding any saccharine pitfalls the piece is alternately fiercely funny and desperately sad, shot through with beautiful melodies and pitch-perfect harmonies.

Described as a “boutique musical” Some Small Love Story is just that. Simply staged, this four-hander tells two concurrent and overlapping stories of great love and is ably performed by the talented cast. One couple (David Kristopher-Brown and Veronica Hare) tell the tale of their meeting and subsequent relationship in snapshots, as if their love has been broken into fragments and we are discovering the pieces. James McEwen and Serena Manteghi are a brother and sister reminiscing about their grandparents enduring love, lasting 57 years and beyond death, touchingly and tenderly retold.

The lyrics to this musical have been given much praise, and rightly so. The sincerity of Wright’s words, underscored by Whitworth’s exquisite music, give the performers so much to work with and they do not disappoint for a moment. Entirely static you feel that this should not be so totally engaging, and yet it is. McEwen has a fabulous musical theatre voice and great control of dynamics while Hare and Manteghi showcase their fine acting talents, and the ensemble pieces sound wonderful. David Kristopher-Brown gives a stand out performance, moving himself and the audience to tears with the strength of his emotional journey and powerful vocals. Small but perfectly formed, this piece is full of feeling and a true delight.

Until 27th August

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