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Edinburgh Fringe: Marek Larwood – Typecast – Pleasance Courtyard

Reviewer: Tracey Lowe


You may know Marek Larwood from his work in sketch group We Are Klang, in which he performed with Greg Davies, or his performance on the BBC improvisation show Fast and Loose. He has the kind of look that is once seen, never forgotten. And it is this that inspired his show, Typecast and he found something less-than-complimentary about himself when he searched for his name on the Internet. This show is an attempt to avoid being typecast, by showing his wide array of acting talents.

Larwood shows us he is capable of numerous accents (some slightly questionable), his ability to improvise, and his capacity to use the acting technique of emotional memory. All are absolutely ludicrous and side-splittingly funny. His analysis of a modern stand-up comic, the likes of which you may see on popular repeats channel Dave, is pretty much note-perfect. He also gets some tips from one of the greatest actors of his generation, Steven Seagal, for acting tips. Because of course, why wouldn’t he?

Actress Sophie Black helps Larwood create his sometimes baffling scenes, actually putting herself in danger at one point when she spends far too long it’s her head in a bucket.

Larwood is a great combination of unhinged and hilarious. His surreal, anarchic style is ideally suited for the Fringe. The closing musical number left such an impression on the audience that they were still laughing as they left the venue. Larwood is an absolute oddball, in every sense of the word. But Typecast is brilliant, clever and strangely uplifting.

Runs until 26th August

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