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Edinburgh Fringe: Her Right Mind – Greenside

Reviewer: Deborah Klayman


Delightful and deeply affecting, Her Right Mind is a devised piece with a difference. Opening with a superb movement scene that occurs like a canon, repeating but subtly different on each rotation, we experience the routine that governs Jack and Jill’s lives. From their getting out of bed to meals and chores, every inch of their day is prescribed by egg timers and order because that is what Jill has constructed to allow her brother to function in the world. Always encouraging Jack to get out more and to interact with others, Jill is taken aback when he finally does and when there is suddenly another person in his life. Who is the routine really for after all?

Utilising strong movement, well-written dialogue and making prop management a new art form, this production is beautifully understated. Much like a patchwork quilt several things have been sewn into the show’s fabric, including comedy, emotional moments, integrity and much more. The whole company are strong but Sam Caseley gives a particularly well observed performance as Jack, bringing a lovely subtlety to the rôle. The questions posed in the play are simple yet extremely resonant, and Lilly Pollard’s Jill reacts in unexpected but somehow not unsurprising ways as things begin to change and the past comes back to haunt the siblings.

An exciting new company, Rugged Isaac are based in London and created this piece as an ensemble. Somehow, without appearing to have a director, this production has been put together with a serious eye for detail and makes you sit up and take notice. If this is what they are already capable of at this very early stage, we can only look forward to what will come in the future.

Until 25th August

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