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CD REVIEW: The In-Between – A New Musical

Music/Lyrics/Producer: Laura Tisdall

Reviewer: John Roberts


The In-Between wouldn’t look out of place as a TV mini-series on the sci-fi channel but for Composer/Lyricist/Producer Laura Tisdall there was only ever one medium that would work for her. Musical Theatre. The In-Between is the tale of the space between parallel worlds…The place where Flick Wimple not only re-evaluates her life, but changes the lives of those around her in more ways than one.

From the opening chords of She’s My Sister performed with real power by Dianne Pilkington and Cassandra Compton, to the rock edged vocal prowess of Sabrina Alouche on Never Expect, it is clear Tisdall has the ability to weave weighty non contrived lyrics with powerful melodies.

Daniel Boys gives a smooth and thoughtful rendition of Out of Your World, While Julie Atherton brings her usual powerful interpretations in the heartbreaking When I Was Nineteen. A delicious and quirky musical number (Beyond the Door) is performed delightfully by Hadley Fraser, Lauren Samuels belts out a touching ballad Someone You’d Be Proud Of, it almost feels like the rôle of Flick was written for her. Rounding off the album is a soaring duet between Alexia Khadime and Liam Tamne in Not Alone.

The In-Between isn’t a musical that is scared of carrying a weighty and powerful message and for that it is even stronger. One must also note there is not one expletive in sight, which proves you don’t need to fill a show with sexual lyrics and swearing to be relevant and fresh, something a lot of new composers should take note of. While one can see clear influences in the material from shows such as Wicked, Tisdall manages to hone her own voice and style, thus creating somethingentirelyfresh and engaging.

Tisdall has managed to do something every producer can only hope for…Construct a strongly produced album with a sensational cast. I hope something exciting comes out of this for her, as if there was ever a new musical destined for a long and successful future, then this is it.

For more information visit The In-Between site.

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