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The Beau Defeated – The Rose Playhouse, London

Writer: Mary Pix Director: Natasha Rickman Reviewer: Jon Wainwright This is the first of the six staged readings of Restoration plays that make up the Salon Season at the Rose Playhouse, which is a rare and welcome chance to see the work of six women playwrights over a period of two weeks. If the other five are as good as ...

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Richard III, New Diorama Theatre, London

Richard III

Writer: William Shakespeare Director: Mark Leipacher Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   ‘Brother to brother / Blood to blood, self against self’. Richard III is one of the Bard’s bloodiest history plays with a controversial villain at its heart.The debateabout the true Richard was reignited recently when his remains were located in Leicestershire; some seeing Shakespeare’s play as nothing but unfounded slander ...

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Joan of Arc – New Diorama, London

Writer: Friedrich Schiller Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   Joan of Arc – saint, warrior and saviour of France or demon, witch and murderer? Famous historical characters are constantly being reinterpreted by historians and dramatists as fashion alters our perspective on the past. Where once the lives of history’s ‘great men’ were written as determinist narratives of victory and success, there is ...

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Romeo and Juliet – New Diorama, London

Writer: William Shakespeare Director:Rachel Valentine Smith Reviewer: Maryam Philpott   Romeo and Juliet, probably the world’s most famous fictional lovers divide opinion. Depending on how cynical you are you will either see them as the height of romantic tragedy or two surly teenagers whose speedy and self-centred relationship causes unnecessary harm to those around them. Somehow this production at the ...

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The Robbers – New Diorama Theatre, London

Writer: Friedrich Schiller Director: Mark Leipacher Reviewer: Stephen Bates Written when he was still at school and first performed in 1781, The Robbers is German playwright Friedrich Schiller’s debut play. Here The Faction ensemble is reviving it as the third in its current repertory season, all performed at this theatre by the same company of actors. It joins Hamlet and ...

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Thebes – New Diorama Theatre, London

Writer: Gareth Jandrell (after Sophocles and Aeschylus) Director: Rachel Valentine Smith Reviewer: Alice McGuigan [rating:4] “I vow to save you once more, my Thebes. My city” promises King Oedipus, unaware that his own fate has already set its suffering in motion. Presented by The Faction and written by Gareth Jandrell, this modern adaptation condenses Sophocles’ and Aeschylus’ classical Theban plays. ...

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Three Sisters – New Diorama Theatre, London

Writer: Anton Chekhov, in a version by Ranjit Bolt Director: Mark Leipacher Reviewer: Andy Moseley [rating:3.5] People who bemoan theatre’s obsession with classical plays often complain they have no contemporary relevance. The Faction’s production of Three Sisters almost immediately shows the complaint as false, as Irina, the youngest sister, espouses the value of work and shows contempt for anyone who ...

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Mary Stuart – New Diorama, London

Writer: Friedrich Schiller Adaptor: Mark Leipacher &Daniel Millar Director: Mark Leipacher Reviewer: Deborah Klayman [rating:4] Mark Leipacher and Daniel Millar’s latest adaptation for The Faction Theatre Company is Schiller’s Mary Stuart, a powerful and entertaining play chronicling the politically and emotionally charged last days of Mary Queen of Scots. A piece which accentuates the historical with a generous dollop of ...

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