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Goodnight Mister Tom – Duke of York’s Theatre, London

Patrick Troughton in Goodnight Mr Tom

Writer: David Wood Director: Angus Jackson Reviewer: Stephen Bates   The National Theatre achieved phenomenal worldwide success with its adaptation of War Horse, a children’s novel set against the backdrop of war. This production, originating from Chichester Festival Theatre, is on a smaller scale, but it uses a similar formula. It tells a story that is, in turns, both gentle ...

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Goodnight Mister Tom – Grand Opera House, York

Director: Angus Jackson Playwright: David Wood Reviewer: Rosie Revell [Rating:5] Based on Michelle Magorian’s 1981 novel, Goodnight Mister Tom is a powerfully uplifting play that has all the right elements to become a modern classic. It has united generations and touched hearts everywhere despite its dark, in places, tone. The premise is very simple, set as war is about to ...

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Goodnight Mr Tom – Milton Keynes Theatre


Writer: David Wood, adapted from the book by Michelle Magorian Director: Angus Jackson Reviewer: Maggie Constable [rating:3.5] Goodnight Mr Tom, adapted from Michelle Magorian’s award-winning novel now celebrating its 30th anniversary, tells the story of a war-torn Britain through the life changes of a young lad evacuated from London to glorious Dorset countryside. William Beech, the evacuee in question, is ...

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Goodnight Mr Tom – Opera House, Manchester

goodnight mr tom

Director: Angus Jackson Writer: David Wood adapted from Michelle Magorian’s novel Reviewer: Lucia Cox [rating:4]   Be prepared for quite how dark things get in the children’s story, Goodnight Mr Tom. Indeed, children die, are beaten and bullied, mother’s go mad, and, if that’s not enough, there’s a bally war on. William Beech (tonight played by the delightful Ewan Harris) ...

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Goodnight Mr Tom – Phoenix Theatre, London

Writer: David Wood, from the novel by Michelle Magorian Director: Angus Jackson Reviewer: Ian Foster [rating:4] Now that Blood Brothers has now finished its 21 year London run, the Phoenix Theatre is opening up its doors to new productions: Midnight Tango and Once will come in the new year but first up is Chichester Festival Theatre's production of Goodnight Mr ...

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