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Kate Rusby at Christmas – Huddersfield Town Hall

Reviewer: Paul Bannister


After a cold wintery day working, my wife and myself headed to Huddersfield Town Hall feeling about as Christmassy as a hot summers day. We were heading to see Kate Rusby at Christmas – my wife a fan of Kate Rusby and me ‘putting up’ with her music choice. So as a distant onlooker did Kate Rusbys concert leave me wishing I’d had a Silent Night at home or did it leave me Jingling all the way?

From the moment Kate walked onto the stage, the Christmas feeling descended from high and filled the magnificent Town Hall and all the patrons in it! The simple set consisted of a lovely arrangement of lit stars and simple rounded bulb lighting that changed colour with the music, the brass band were sat at the back of the stage and some wonderfully technical coloured lights were at the side of the stage.

This was a Christmas treat for both of us, and what a treat it was. By the end of the first half some of the songs were a bit repetitive tune wise and I was interested to see what would be coming in the second half. Kate certainly left the best ‘til last, the second half was brilliant, and her wit and banter in between songs had us laughing all the way. The second half showcased a beautiful mix of Kate’s music and some music by the band while Kate took a well deserved break. The accordion player Julian Sutton stole the second half with what he called his own compilation of music, some of his own and some comically merged Christmas favorite’s added in for good measure, including a version of Walking in the air on a banjo! –The auditorium was filled with smiling faces.

Kate Rusby at Christmas deservedly got a 5 star rating from me, she struggled throughout the performance with a sore throat and cold making her croaky, but her stamina and determination to let Huddersfield have a Christmassy night to remember definitely paid off. A wonderful evening!

Kate Rusby is touring nationally until 18th December 2011

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