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INTERVIEW: Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Mackenzie on Army@TheFringe

colonel gordon mackenzie in combat fatigues

By ANDY MOSELEY Most people’s associate the words Army and Edinburgh with the Military Tattoo, but this year the Army will also have its own Festival Fringe venue following a link up with Summerhall that will see six shows performed at The Hepburn House Army Reserve Centre in the city. Andy Moseley spoke to Lieutenant Colonel Gordon MacKenzie to find ...

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Driving Miss Daisy – Canal Cafe Theatre, London

Writer: Alfred Uhry Director: Russell Lucas Reviewer:Andy Moseley Spanning 25 years from 1948 to 1973 Driving Miss Daisy is the story of Jewish widow Daisy Werthan and her relationship with African-American driver Hoke Colburn. Daisy reluctantly hires Hoke at the bequest of her son, after she has had one too many road accidents. Not only does she not want a ...

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Broken Strings – Tabard Theatre, London

Writer andDirector:Joe Wenborne Reviewer: Andy Moseley Broken Stringsis inspired by a four-year period where writer and director Joe Wenborne’s mother lived with him and his wife. The play adapts this so that the mother becomes the mother-in-law, and the wife has died, leaving a death bed wish to ‘take care of Mum, promise me you won’t put her in a ...

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The One – Lion & Unicorn, London

Writer: Vicky Jones Director: Hannah Boland Moore Reviewer:Andy Moseley The One was the winner of the 2013 Verity Bargate Award and premiered the following year at Soho Theatre. Now brought to Lion &Unicorn for its first production since then, it seems a surprise that it’s had to wait this long for another outing. Vicky Jones’ script is a subtly nuanced ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna

Venue: The Lake Stage Reviewer: Andy Moseley   'First time we were here, we were on a tiny stage somewhere over there, and now here we are headlining on a Saturday evening', Coldplay, Kasabian, Arcade Fire, the number of bands who have come out with this quote is almost as long as the list of festival headliners. Add in the ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Al Porter

Al Porter

Venue: Comedy Arena Reviewer: Andy Moseley Perhaps the nearby stall selling Emu's and Cuddles - two 70s TV soft toy puppets - knows something we don't. Anyone watching Al Porter's stand-up in the comedy tent will definitely feel like they have taken a step back in time. If you think of a mash-up of Alan Carr and Frank Carson with ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Mark Watson

Mark Watson

Venue: The Comedy Tent Reviewer: Andy Moseley   As a comedian Mark Watson is not really relevant anymore, and in his Sunday slot at Latitude he resorts to old-school emotional blackmail by having his six-year-old son on stage with him to get audience sympathy and support. These, however, are his words, not this reviewers! Relevant or not, Watson still proves ...

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LATITUDE 2016: Luke McQueen

Venue: The Shed of Stories Reviewer: Andy Moseley   Some comedians pretend to be completely unprepared, making a virtue of their lack of planning, before going on to deliver an effortless stream of humour that takes an audience with them and easily fills the time they have before their set ends. Some comedians appear completely unprepared because that's what they ...

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