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BLOG: Annemarie Lewis Thomas – What is “success”?

MTA Just So

In the last fortnight The Stage has published the findings of a new piece of research undertaken by Drama UK, looking at the employment statistics of the class of 2012 from 5 accredited colleges – Arts Ed, Mountview, Central, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and GSA. The findings of the survey were really interesting to look at as an independent school, ...

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BLOG: Epsilon Summer Season – Lighting with Sherry Coenen

Crystal Springs - Espsilon Productions - (C) Kim Hardy

I'm a lighter, not a writer - so when Jemmma Gross [Epsilon Productions’ Artistic Director] popped me a little note asking if I'd written my blog my stomach dropped a fair distance… But here goes! I was given to the lovely Epsilon by another company when they were staging Skin Tight at the Park last summer. It was a great ...

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Preview: Inside the Midsummer Songs rehearsal room


The creation of a musical is something that is often shrouded in secrecy. The rehearsal, technical and creative process hidden away from view until the creative team are happy that the piece is in the best possible shape to face the public.  When that piece is a brand new show, instead of one of the many revivals currently being staged, ...

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BLOG: Epsilon Summer Season… The Designers Challenge.

Mike Lees Designs

Mike Lees is a theatre designer and has a long standing working collaboration with Epsilon Productions’ Artistic Director Jemma Gross, here Mike talks about the challenge of designing the two productions in their forthcoming summer season. “Well?” “I’m not sure…there’s something not quite…” “What if we did this...” “Better…but there still something…” “I know what it is…I don’t like it!” ...

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BLOG: Annemarie Lewis Thomas… The New Writing Challenge

The Ballad of Kitty Jay - MTA

The MTA is the only UK college that has a policy to actively support new writing and indeed new writers. There are lots of colleges that pay a certain degree of lip service to this e.g. put on the odd new musical every so often – but when you think about the resources that the larger colleges have and the ...

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BLOG: Epsilon Summer Season…. A chat with the cast

Crystal Springs Cast

Epsilon Productions have recently finished their first week of rehearsals on their latest production Crystal Springs which open at The Park Theatre in London next month. As part of our series looking into the process of putting on a season on new work, we spend five minutes talking to cast members Lucy Roslyn, Tiana Khan, Rebecca Boey and Suzan Sylvester ...

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INTERVIEW: 10 minutes with GaggleBabble’s Lucy Rivers

Lucy Rivers and Oliver Wood

Apart from being an accomplished actress and a musician, she's also one half of  folk duo Olion Byw. Lucy Rivers bring those skills to the fore to devise a new genre of theatre in The Bloody Ballad, her first outing as a writer for the company of which she's one half, GaggleBabble. Ahead of their appearance at Latitude, Paul Couch caught up with her. ...

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Latitude Festival Preview: Theatre Ad Infinitum


The sun is shining bright over Suffolk this morning with a heatwave hitting the county. For festival goers pitching tents at the Latitude Festival the thought of revelling late into the night to enjoy the midsummer sun is an appealing one. For Theatre Ad Infinitum though, thoughts are turning to how to tempt audiences into a pitch black tent. As ...

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