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FEATURE: Close run thing for Pulse 2016 Suitcase Day winner

L-R: Stanley Rudkin, David Ralfe, Amber Massie-Blomfield, Glen Pearce and Tom Roe

By PAUL COUCH  It’s a fantastic idea – an arena to try embryonic work in a safe environment in front of an audience.  The premise is that you get 20 minutes to try out new work – some barely started, some almost complete. If the panel of judges feel that the work has potential to be developed further, they can ...

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FEATURE: Bahrain Art Across Borders – V&A, Gallery 8

BAAB London 2016 - Mayasa Al Sowaidi, Nabeela Al Khayer

Art and Culture form the cornerstone of any country’s identity and heritage. It also plays a key role in driving forward economic activity, especially as it is one of the primary gateways for anyone who deals with a country. It not only plays a key role in encouraging tourism, but also assists in enhancing a country’s visibility and reach to ...

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OPINION: Sarah Emmott on how ADHD has shaped her career.

Publicity Image for Art witH Heart's Declaration

Sarah Emmott from Art with Heart talks about the reason behind making Declaration - a new piece of theatre which explores gaining an ADHD diagnosis as an adult and has been developed as part of The Lowry's "Developed with" programme of work.  I was always the first one through the drama classroom door, and the first to be sent out. I was ...

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OPINION: Let’s not do the timewarp again

Media Signpost

The way we consume information is changing rapidly but for some sectors of the arts, the change seems to be something they are defiantly refusing to acknowledge. As the debate about online media coverage of the arts continues, The Reviews Hub's Deputy Executive Editor, Glen Pearce, asks if it is time to end the two class system and look at ...

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INTERVIEW: Playwright Joseph Vitale, on Murrow

playwright Joseph Vitale

 Jospeh Vitale sat down with Jamie Rosler to talk about the creation and current production of his play, Murrow, now running in New York City.   Let’s start with a quick description of the show, and maybe a bit about your process of how the show came into existence. Well it’s a one man show starring Joseph Menino, who is ...

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INTERVIEW: Kris Rawlinson on his solo cabaret

Musical Director Kris Rawlinson

Kris Rawlinson is one of the busiest and youngest musical directors currently working in London. Rawlinson is about to have his own solo show at The Pheasantry. John Roberts took some time out to speak to him about his career to date and what to expect from his forthcoming show. You have been busy with many projects over the last ...

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FEATURE: 3045 Variations on The Feast of Venus

Variation #1

By Maryam Philpott The modern world is obsessed with communication, with being in touch constantly and, digitally at least, sharing every aspect of our lives on social media platforms. Yet major cities like London have never felt lonelier or more isolating and, as someone who has gone through the process of moving and building new relationships in several cities both ...

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PREVIEW: WEEK 53 At The Lowry, Salford

Week 53 Festival at The Lowry

By Jim Gillespie It could be Christmas. Four weeks after Easter and the hills around Manchester are white with snow. And there is something - apart from snow - in the air: the Lord of Misrule has taken control of The Lowry. How else to explain this step - nay, somersault - out of its comfort zone as a receiving ...

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