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La Merda – Soho Theatre, London

La Merda - Soho, London

Writer: Cristian Ceresoli Reviewer: Harry Stern Walking into the small auditorium upstairs at the Soho Theatre, a champion of innovation, to take their seats the audience is confronted by a tall metal platform, atop which sits a woman muttering to herself in Italian. Not so remarkable in itself except for the fact that she is naked. She remains naked throughout ...

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Captain Amazing - Soho Theatre, London

Captain Amazing - Soho, Londo

Writer: Alistair McDowall  Director: Clive Judd Reviewer: Harry Stern Three brightly coloured boxes and two screens displaying the illustrations of Rebecca Glover, a subtle sound design by Martin Hodgson and very simple lighting by Drummond Orr are all that is needed to support the skillfully understated, yet utterly compelling performance by Mark Weinman. In masterpiece of writing economy Alistair McDowall ...

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Modern Jesus – Nursery Theatre, London

Modern Jesus - Nursery, London

Writer and director: Christopher Neels Reviewer: Nichola Daunton Under a railway arch somewhere in Southwark, the Nursery Theatre has the feel of an abandoned church about it, all musty smells and wooden seats. What better place then for a play called Modern Jesus? Written and directed by New Zealander Christopher Neels, Modern Jesus explores what happens when the bored and ...

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Archimedes’ Principle – Park Theatre, London

Archimedes Principle - Park Theatre, London

Writer: Josep Maria Miro i Coromina  Director: Marta Noguera-Cuevas and Ryan Bradley Reviewer: Alice Frances This is political theatre at its finest. The action is performed in a minimalist setting (two wooden benches and lockers). The dialogue carries the weight of the production. The onus is upon the actors to interpret and project the ideas. Actors are placed, crucible style, between ...

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Left Out Festival: Selected Short Subjects – Stage Left Studio, New York

2014 Left Out Festival - New York

Writer: Alex Beck; William Locasto; Joe Hutcheson Director: Cassandra Sandberg; William Locasto; Cheryl King Reviewer: Jamie Rosler On this particular night of the Left Out Festival, we see three short plays exploring the loves, losses, and lore of three different men (and in one case, his boyfriend). As one would hope, the stories, characters, and situations explored are not exclusive ...

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The Ghost Hunter – The Lowry, Salford

The Ghost Hunter - Theatre of the Damned - Photo John Roberts

Writer: Stewart Pringle Director: Jeffrey Mayhew Reviewer: Paul Downham Richard Barraclough sits on a lonely bar stool with just a pint of Abbot Ale for company as he recounts the many stories he has told during his days as a Ghost Hunter in the city of York. The hunter, effortlessly played by Tom Richards guides the attentive audience for an ...

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The Good Earth – Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

The Good Earth - Weston Studio, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

Musical Director: Max Mackintosh Director: Rachel Boulton Reviewer: Jacqui Onions Inspired by true events, The Good Earth tells the story of a Welsh community fighting against the council to save their homes and village. Devised by Fragments, this may be a new play in development but it already delivers a strong, polished script that is pacey, gripping and moving. This ...

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The Accrington Pals – Library Theatre, Sheffield

The Accrington Pals - Sheffield Library Theatre PHOTO CREDIT ALAN THOMPSON

Writer: Peter Whelan Director: Tim Wright Reviewer: Sheila Stratford The Accrington Pals is an ambitious and excellent choice by the Denys Edward Players to mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War. Poignantly, the company’s founding members worked on Wartime Voluntary Entertainment Duties where they performed plays for troops during the Second World War. Peter Whelan's ...

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