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Democracy – King’s Theatre, Edinburgh

democracy michael frayn theatre royal glasgow

Writer: Michael Frayn Director: Michael Emans Reviewer: Dominic Corr The Bundesadler; a Federal Eagle drapes the stage, a constant reminder of Europe's all too recent history. Just as the overbearing black eagle serves to remind the audience of this past, Michael Frayn's piece as a whole recapitulates a time many have omitted on these isles; post-war Germany. Adeptly constructed, if ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Don Giovanni, The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin


Director: Gavin Quinn Composer: Wolfgang Mozart Translator: Roddy Doyle Conductor: Fergus Sheil Roddy Doyle and opera may sound like an unlikely combination, but for the Dublin Theatre Festival Roddy has translated Don Giovanni in a fantastic relocation of Mozart’s definitive opera to dear, dirty Dublin. Doyle’s libretto for the Opera Theatre Company sees the exploits of literature's most infamous charmer ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Ancient Rain – Olympia Theatre, Dublin


Director: Chris Drummond Composers: Paul Kelly, Feargal Murray, Camille O’Sullivan Reviewer: David Keane Inspired by last 100 years of Irish poetry and centring around the theme of the four elements, Ancient Rain provides an aural exploration of Ireland’s past and present. Poetry ranging from Seamus Heaney to Paula Meehan is used as a platform from which Irish performer Camille O’ ...

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DUBLIN THEATRE FESTIVAL: Crisis Meeting – Project Arts Centre, Dublin


Writer: Bjarni Jónsson Director: Friðgneir Einarsson Reviewer: Saoirse Anton During Crisis Meeting, one of the performers tells the audience that “Simplicity is very complicated.” This line, in a few different ways, encapsulates the production quite effectively. Inviting the audience to share in their experiences, working methods, and arts council application process, the three members of Kriðpleir Theatre Group decide to ...

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This House – Minerva Theatre, Chichester


Writer: James Graham Director: Jeremy Herrin Reviewer: Bill Avenell The Minerva theatre at Chichester is an intimate space and, in the National Theatre’s production of This House, it is intimacy that is the real key to an excellent evening’s entertainment. The recreation by James Graham of the hectic, and often dysfunctional, period in the House of Commons in the lead ...

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Girls – Soho Theatre, London


Writer: Theresa Ikoko Director: Elayce Ismail Reviewer: Deborah Klayman How far would you be willing to go to survive? Theresa Ikoko’s award-winning play Girls places three friends in an increasingly dangerous situation that challenges them individually to answer the question, and stretches their relationships, sometimes to breaking point. As the audience enters, Ruhab (Yvette Boakye), Haleema (Anita-Joy Uwajeh) and Tisana ...

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